Founded by leaders of the community, CARE is a community organization dedicated to helping parents and families of children with special needs. The founders of CARE have committed themselves to addressing the needs of the special needs children community and to helping with the effects that they have on the entire family. 



CARE has developed many close relationships with local special needs schools, agencies, and experts so that they can better guide parents to get the necessary services for their children. CARE acts as an advocate for the parents to help them tap into the services they are entitled to.



CARE is there to help the families access services by providing guidance, help, and support. These resources include helping with receiving a Medicaid Waiver, OPWDD services, and reimbursments for anything from clothing, to community classes. CARE explains to families the benefits and services they are entitled to and guides them towards accessing these services. 



CARE runs programs and events for parents and siblings of the children with special needs. Bringing the families together and encouraging them gives them the necessary confidence needed in dealing with the unique challenges they face. They also offer counseling to the family.




















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